The Rutland Weekend Songbook

Released: 1976

Record Label: BBC

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CD [Japan]


All tracks written by: Neil Innes

All tracks published by: Pendulum Music Ltd./Chappell & Co.

All tracks produced by: Neil Innes

This was the first time any Rutles related song had been released on record. The Rutland Weekend Songbook contains two early versions of Rutles songs.

I Must Be In Love

The 5th track on the LP. It is longer than the version in the film and has a background of screaming girls plus an intro by Eric Idle. The song is completely different and the solo is very hard to hear.

I Must Be In Love

The Children of Rock and Roll

The 9th track on the LP. It only lasts 45 seconds and would later evolve into Good Times Roll. It is taken from a sketch from Series 1 ep 3 of Rutland Weekend Television where Ron Lennon (Neil Innes) plays this track then fades away before the piano is removed by a giant hand.

The Children of Rock and Roll


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